In our work, we encourage girls to understand and take care of their bodies and develop skills set that enhance their self –leadership. We also introduce them to money dynamics at an early age by encouraging them to make it no matter how little (entrepreneurship development). We have 3 key programs.


1. Mrembo Power Program

Mrembo Power Program is a girl’s grassroots education and entrepreneurship initiative with the aim of finding community-driven solutions that change the perceptions of girls’ worth and increase opportunities for all. The Program also aims at helping adolescent girls to be self–sustainable through equipping them with financial literacy skills reducing the number of girls and young women involved in an unhealthy sexual relationship that makes them be at a high risk of HIV infection and dropping out of school.


2. DADA Academy Program

The program is offer skills development training and follow on support, equipping young women with skills for success in business and employment; thus increasing young women from informal settlements with the opportunity to earn safe income and keeping them safe from unhealthy sexual relationships that lead to abuse or HIV infections. The program is committed to providing a bridge to employment to young women in the informal settlements.


3. Ndoto Sports Hub Program

This is a leadership and mentoring program that advances girls rights through sports. Ndoto Sports Hub has a three key element approach called SEE (Sports, Education, and Entrepreneurship). The three elements are integrated enabling girls to be holistically empowered transformed and able to transform other lives within their communities


Girls and young women reached


Girls attending school throughout the year


Community Support Engagement (Indirect Reach)

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